The Amazon jungle is the largest of all tropical ecosystems on the Earth. Measuring 6.5 million square kilometers (that is about 2.5 million square miles), the Amazon embodies a vast network of small streams, rivers, and lakes. The water contained in the Amazon equals 20% of all the fresh water on the planet. Ecuador holds a very unique and special quality in regards to the Amazon Jungle, because throughout the entire Amazon Basin and the whole world the highest levels of biodiversity have been documented here in Ecuador.

The Amazon Jungle in Ecuador is the perfect setting for an adventure like no other you have experienced before with exotic birds, strange mammals, meating eating fish, bizzare looking insects, howling monkeys, native people and more.
You will think you are on the set of Indian Jones movie.

Use the links below to learn more about what the Ecuadorian Amazon has to offer as an exciting and different kind of vacation that you will never forget!

What is a Jungle Tour?

You will be experiencing an environment like no other. The jungle is amazing and mysterious; a land thick with ... read more

Choosing a Jungle Tour

There are several distinct locations in Ecuador where you can experience the Amazon Jungle...
read more

Excellent Day Tours

Churute Mangrove reserve or Cacao Chocolate Farm are excellent opportunities for people visiting Guayaquil to take a day tour...
read more Churute   Read More Cacao

On the trail

Transportation to the Jungle

The best parts of the Amazon rainforest are those which are the most remote. This will require some extra measures in travel to get to some of the places. Usually you will begin your journey at a meeting point...Ask your Dreamkapture representative details to your specific destination of choice.

What Will I See?

Depending on which area you visit it can vary. For the most part you will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Amazon jungle and that means exotic birds, strange animals, and bizarre insects. Here is just some of the more

Sample Itineraries

Itineraries can range from 3, 4, 5, or 8 days. Each day you will have a different adventure in the jungle, and the different lodges offer unique more


There are tours to suit all budgets from  Budget, Economical, Superior Class, and First Class. read more ... (under construction)

Churute Mangrove Reserve. Ask about our economical day trips to Churute. The more people; the cheaper the tour!
(Requires a 24 hour notice to pre-arrange.)

What Do I Need To Bring?

When you visit the jungle, you will want to bring several items which will make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. We have a list of items which you will wanto to pack for your adventure. more


Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the jungles here in Ecuador. I you have questions, this is a great place to start to find answers.


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