You will be experiencing an environment like no other. The jungle is amazing and mysterious; a land thick with dense vegetation, gigantic trees, dark rivers, exotic animals, and primitive native people. An Ecuadorian jungle adventure is an experience of a lifetime.

Ecuador’s jungles have more bio diversity than any other place on earth, and on a jungle tour you will be emerged in this unique place. You will be staying in cabins far from civilization or staying aboard a ship which cruises up the river. Each day you will venture out into the jungle to see up close what makes the jungle so amazing. There will be guided treks into the forest. On your treks you will be seeing strange birds, animals and insects. Your guide will introduce you to the numerous varieties of plants and explain how the native people use them to make tools, clothing, medicinal properties, and which ones they eat.

You will visit the homes of the Ecuadorian natives and see how they really live, work, and travel without all the modern conveniences which we take for granted in our own homes.

Up close and personal you will visit a real Shaman (medicine man or women), and have a demonstration of the practices of these spiritual tribal leaders. They will explain the delicate coexistence they have with the environment, naturalistic medicine, and their spirituality.

While you are on your adventure, you will have the opportunity to try the peculiar foods available in the jungle from strange fruits you will never see in the supermarket back home, fresh fish caught in the rivers and prepared wrapped in leaves, and if you are really adventurous… eating insects like the natives do!

Do you like fishing? Often there will be the chance to go fishing, but not for trout, bass, or salmon, but for Piranha!

At night the jungle comes alive! Most of the animals are only active during the night. There are treks into forest and canoe rides out on lagoons armed only with your flash lights and camera to look for the nocturnal creatures of the night.

Maybe you are bird lover? Who would not be when you see the all the beautiful birds in the jungle. There are over 450 species of birds in the Ecuadorian rainforest.

And after each adventure you will return to your lodging for dinner and talk with other guest about the spectacular sights you saw. Before you turn in for the night you can gaze up into the night sky, which is unbelievably clear and full of stars.

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