Rabida Red BeachRábida Island is best known for it red rust colored beach. The color is due to a high content of iron in the volcanic material making up the sand. A gratifying stroll along the beach of this small island allows the you to view and photograph the large colony of sea lions, marine iguanas, mockingbirds, yellow warblers and several species of Darwin’s finches.

One of Rábida's most striking features is a high bluff on the north coast, which glows a startling rust red when the sun is low in the sky and contrasting with the green fringe of straggling opuntias along the summit. Flamingos share a brackish lagoon with bachelor Galapagos sea lions, nesting brown pelicans, Galapagos pintails, black necked stilts and various heron species. Galapagos sea lions can be seen on sandy Playa Rojo. Rabida sealions

This is a great place to snorkel off the beach due to the combination of underwater species and submarine landscapes.

In 1971 the National Park Service successfully eradicated goats from Rabida. This introduced species upset the natural environment and led to the extinction of several native creatures including geckos, land iguanas, and rice rats.Sea Stars on Rabida beach

Attractions: Pintail ducks, Sea Lions, lagoon, short hike, tropical fish, Pelicans, Red Sand Beach       Activities: PR = Panga Ride, HK = Hiking, SN = Snorkeling     Landing: wet

Location: 5 km south of Santiago , 60 km northwest of Puerto Ayora.

Facilities: None, wet landing at Playa Rojo.

Photo opportunities: Greater flamingos, Galapagos sea lions, ghost crabs, opuntias.


Yellow Warbler   

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