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The Galapagos Islands is an experience of a lifetime!

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Dreamkapture Travel has lots of great deals for you in the Galapagos Islands!

Get your great deal in July on Galapagos cruises B4 they are gone!

(All prices in U.S.dollars. The prices on this page do not include flights to the Galapagos Islands. Prices including flights are available. Let us know if you need flights.)

Save with us and go to the Galapagos with your adventure secured and ready to begin!

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Make your experience Seeing the Galapagos...
not searching for something to do when you are already there.

This page updates every few days.

cruise only; flights are not included in these prices.
Flights can be added upon request. If you need a flight, mention it when you contact Dreamkapture Travel and we will provide you flight + cruise options.
* All cruises and flights are subject to availability. This information is no guarantee of availability or prices..
Availability of cruises, flights, and prices can change at anytime. Contact Dreamkatpure Travel to receive further information.

CLASS of SHIP Departs in the month of Dates Day of the Week # of Days Last Minute
Discount Cash Prices
FIRST JULY 26-02 Wednesday 8 $2,117
T.SUPERIOR JULY 27-03 Thursday 8 $1,734
FIRST JULY 27-30 Thursday 4 $915
T.SUPERIOR JULY 27-31 Thursday 5 $1,123
T.SUPERIOR JULY 28-01 Friday 5 $1,323
FIRST JULY 28-01 Friday 5 $1,620
FIRST JULY 28-02 Friday 6 $1,617
LUX JULY 28-03 Friday 8 $2,317
FIRST JULY 28-04 Friday 8 $2,257
TOURIST JULY 28-31 Friday 4 $718
T.SUPERIOR JULY 28-31 Friday 4 $1,305
FIRST JULY 30-02 Sunday 4 $875
LUX JULY 30-03 Sunday 6 $1,904
T.SUPERIOR JULY 30-06 Sunday 8 $2,016
T.SUPERIOR JULY 30-06 Sunday 8 $2,340
TOURIST JULY 30-07 Sunday 8 $1,494
T.SUPERIOR JULY 31-03 Monday 4 $855
T.SUPERIOR JULY 31-04 Monday 5 $1,249
T.SUPERIOR JULY 31-07 Monday 8 $2,164
FIRST AUG 00 Tuesday 5 $1,620
FIRST AUG 01-04 Tuesday 4 $1,221
TOURIST AUG 01-05 Tuesday 5 $1,484
FIRST AUG 01-08 Tuesday 8 $2,540
FIRST AUG 02-06 Wednesday 5 $1,103
FIRST AUG 02-09 Wednesday 8 $2,095
FIRST AUG 03-06 Thursday 4 $903
T.SUPERIOR AUG 03-06 Thursday 4 $872
FIRST AUG 03-08 Thursday 6 $2,094
T.SUPERIOR AUG 03-10 Thursday 8 $1,612
FIRST AUG 03-10 Thursday 8 $1,945
FIRST AUG 04-09 Friday 6 $1,781


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Here at Dreamkapture Travel Agency...

we sell every cruise ship in the Galapagos.

Our objective is to find the cruise that is right for your needs. Our sales staff is extremely knowledgeable about the ships and especially itineraries, and we provide great customer service.

Office Hours: 9:00 - 17:30 Monday - Friday
10:00 - 12:00 Saturday and Sunday

(limited service on Saturday and Sunday)

Visit our Galapagos-Cruises.ca
web site
for more information about ships and destinations.

Prices are subject to change and we always call to confirm prices and availability before any sale.

Key to this Chart:

TOURIST = Economy Class
T.SUPERIOR = Tourist Superior
FIRST = First Class
LUX = Luxury Class

Date of the beginning day and ending day of the cruise.

This is the weekday which the cruise begins.

# DAYS...
This is the duration of the cruise in the number of days.

Prices are in Cash and for the cruise only : prices do not include the flight tickets to the Galapagos.
*Cruise options without flights are also available upon request.
*Credit card purchases are possible in the office in Guayaquil; there will be additional cost added to credit card purchases.

These prices Do Not include park permits, flight tickets, or any other items, unless specifically mentioned. You can read more about this here on the Frequently Asked Questions page: Included and Not Included on the Cruises.

Prices and availability of the ships and flights are subject to change at any time and this information and availability is not guaranteed until time of purchase.

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Did You know ?
Cruises include your lodging and meals on the ship during the days of your cruise!

This is just one of the reasons the cruises are a better value option for your visit to the Galapagos. A cruise tour is the BEST WAY to experience the Galapagos Island; the best locations, the best guides, and the best memories are only on the cruise itineraries!

and leave nothing to chance.

Below you will see just some of our low priced specials for Galapagos cruises which are starting soon. Besides cruises we also have land tours, jungle tours, volcano tours, Cacao Cholocate tours, and more.

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