The Darwin is a Tourist Superior ship which offers scuba diving options for their day cruises. You will find these options listed below in the itineraries in bold on the days in blue.

There is a minimum of 2 divers necessary to do the dives and it is possible to do more than one day of diving on the cruises. See more details in the columns below.

This schedule will allow you the opportunity of both visiting the islands, scuba diving, and 24 hours to off gas before flying.

Specific information about this ship can be seen on the ship's cruise page: click here.

Discovery Itinerary with Diving

8 days Thursday
5 days on Thursday
4 days on Monday

Adventure Itinerary with Diving

8 days: Thursday


Ship: Darwin


There is an additional cost to dive.

  • A minimum of 2 passengers must be diving
  • Minimum 2 dives per client per day
  • Must be Certified for scuba diving
  • Passengers diving will miss the morning land excursions
  • 2 Land visits will be missed for diving on Mondays


  • Diving Equipment
  • Dive Master
  • 2 dives

All diving must be arranged prior to embarking on the cruise.



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