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SUPER DISCOUNTS on ALL Galapagos Cruises!

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Promotion #1

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Get an extra savings with Dreamkapture Travel.

All of our Galapagos cruises are Super Discounted.
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Details and limitations of this promotion:

  • Super Discounted Pricing does NOT include flight tickets.
  • Super Discounted cruises are Cash Only purchases
  • All cruises must be paid in full 24 hours prior to the beginning of the cruise.
  • Super Discounted cruise specials cannot be combined with any other existing promotion.
  • Promotion is limited to cruises sold by Dreamkapture Travel
  • This promotion is ONLY valid for the current special cruises.
  • Super Discounted cruises are limited to each ship’s availability.
    • This promotion or advertising is not a guarantee of availability for cruises or flights.
    • All cruises will be confirmed for availability prior to Dreamkapture Travel accepting any money from the client.
  • Dreamkapture Travel cannot guarantee the availability or the purchase of flight tickets if the client does not already have flight tickets.
    • Dreamkapture Travel can assist in securing tickets if possible.
    • Not all flight schedules are compatiable with cruise departure times or locations.
      • If you already have flight tickets; inform your Dreamkapture salesperson about arrival times and airports to find compatiable cruises.
  • Dreamkapture Travel is open from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.
    • The night staffs at Dreamkapture are NOT travel specialist and are not trained or familiar with promotions, services, or options. The night hostel staff cannot help you with travel sales.

Talk to a day time Dreamkapture office staff person for more details or contact us directly by email and mention the promotion. info@dreamkapture.com


Promotion #3

Cacao (chocolate) 1/2 Day Tour

$39.00 per person.

Details and limitations of this promotion:

  • Group of 4 persons is required to offer the above price.
  • Groups larger than 4 people will receive lower pricing.
  • The group of people must be on the same tour and date.
  • Tours require a minimum of 24 hours to arrange. Same day tours are not available.
  • The tour can be on any day, but this does not guarantee that date will be possible.
  • Tour can be upgraded to other locations and combined with a Churute Mangroves tour, also lunch can be included; all for additional cost.
  • You must mention this promotion to your Dreamkapture Travel specialist for it to be applied.

Ask About Other Dreamkapture tour opportunities.

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Contact us and let us know which way we can save you money!

Below are helpful tips to keep in mind when planning your Galapagos cruise.

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Ask your Dreamkpature Travel Specialist about this promotion.

Below are helpful tips to keep in mind when planning your Galapagos cruise.

  • It is always best to plan for your cruise in advance. The more time the better; even when buying a last minute cruise.

  • Last Minute cruise prices normally become available about 2 weeks before a cruise departs.

  • You will receive the lowest prices for cash purchases.

  • Have cash on hand to make a deposit (about $500) to secure your reservation for a cruise.

  • Not all flights work with ship schedules and departure times and some ships require flight tickets purchased through them.
    Dreamkapture Travel can book flights and avoid the conflicts and restrictions.

  • Inform your bank that you are in Ecuador and willl be withdrawing money for a Galapagos cruise. This will help avoid international bank situations here in Ecuador when withdrawing money for your cruise.

  • Most businesses are closed on Saturday and Sunday and because of this it is extremely difficult in most situations to purchase a cruise and flights on these days. It is in your best interest that you contact Dreamkapture Travel between Monday and Friday during standard business hours for planning your Galapagos visit.

  • All spaces on ships are limited and could sell out at anytime. Make sure are you taking the right steps with Dreamkapture Travel to Secure your space aboard a cruise ship. Ask us about how to make easy deposits and payments for your cruise.

  • Ask about our group discounts.

Contact us with your travel dates
to find out what we have available which will best match your needs.

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For more advice on Last Minute Deals
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Here at Dreamkapture Travel Agency...

we sell every cruise ship in the Galapagos.

Our objective is to find the cruise that is right for your needs. Our sales staff is extremely knowledgeable about the ships and especially itineraries, and we provide great customer service.


Office Hours: 9:00 - 17:30 Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 14:00 Sunday (limited service on Sunday)

Visit our Galapagos-Cruises.ca
web site
for more information about ships and destinations.

Prices are subject to change and we always call to confirm prices and availability before any sale.

Use Dreamkapture Travel for your Galapagos Cruises, Jungle Adventures, or Hostel needs.

email: info@dreamkapture.com or even better from our web site: Contact Us

Dreamkapture is located at:

Alborada Doceava Etapa
Juan Sixto Bernal
Manzana 02, Villa 21
Tel: 593-4-227 3335

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