There are several variations of jungle experiences which you can choose from. Your options can range from easy departure points starting in nearby towns, traveling by boat to reach your destination, or even staying on a riverboat the entire time, making daily excursions while travelling along the rivers which lead to the Amazon.

Jungle tours can be from just a few hours, a few days, or a week or longer.

There are also several different areas which the Jungle tours are conducted here in Ecuador.

  • Lago Agrio: Northern Ecuador by the Napo River

  • Pastaza: Eastern / Central Ecuador, east from Puyo

  • Orellana: Northern Ecuador by or on the Napo River out from Coca.

  • Churute Mangrove: 1 hour from Guayaquil. Day trips.

You can also decide how much you want to "rough it" on your tour. There are economic opportunities where you will have just the basics, to mid-range tours with nice cabins and great lodges, to experiencing the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle in first class, four star accommendations.

There are tours for all budgets:

  • Daily Tours: $40 each for two persons, and less with larger groups
  • 3 Day Tours: $160 - $260
  • 4 Day Tours: $240 - $590
  • 5 Day Tours: $285 - $850
  • 8 Day Tours: $1699 (First Class)

      *Prices are subject to change. Always ask about special promotional offers!

When deciding on which type of Jungle Tour is best to meet your needs, our sales staff and discuss the differences from cost to activities and locations.

Be sure to include what you have in mind for your jungle tour on the contact email.

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