Cuyabeno is rising to one of the world's hottest spots for birding. There are also a great number of mammals native to the Cuyabeno Faunistic Reserve, which include dolphins, manatee, at least 10 species of monkeys, including the night monkey, which was first recorded for the reserve by our staff, different species of both insectivorous and fruit-eating bats, many rodents, varying from the world's largest one, the Capybara to many mall ground and tree bound creatures. Ungulates are represented by tapirs, two species of peccary and several species of deer. And of course there are the Sloths, Ant Eaters and a good number of the South American cats, including jaguar and Puma. While we say that we go birdwatching, of course we keep an eye out for all animals.

Located in the "Oriente" (East) of Ecuador. Cuyabeno Lodge is in one of the few protected areas in the world, located precisely on the equator. From Lago Agrio there an hour and a half over an asphalt road to the park. No other Amazon park in the world has such convenient and fast access! Just for that, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is known to be the most convenient Amazon park for visiting the Amazon.  

Location: Oriente - Lago Agrio/
Cuyabeno River and Laguna:

Cuyabeno Lodge

Cuyabeno Lodge


  • Programed excursions
  • Water, Coffee, Tea
  • A native naturalistic guide
  • An english speaking guide
  • All meals and fruit juice served at meals

Not Included:

  • Alcohol and soft drinks
  • Tips for the staff
  • National Park Fees
  • Personal jungle equipment
  • Transportation Quito and back to Quito


Accomodation and facilities:

  • Multiple huts (single, double, triple and quadruple accommodations) with private bathrooms and showers
  • Located on one of the few hills at the lake the Cuyabeno Lake, the lodge never gets inundated like most other lodges at the reserve.
  • Water is provided the 24 hours in the bathrooms and showers
  • Electricity is provided (110 V.)
  • Each hut is equipped with beds (all beds with mosquito nets)
  • Each bathroom is equipped with sink, shower, toilet, toilet paper, and towel
  • A big hut is located in front of the lagoon where the passenger will find the restaurant, the bar and a comfortable place to rest
  • The kitchen staff offers healthy food with a large variety.

Summary of Activities:

  • Bird Watching
  • Night excursions
  • Blow gun's practice
  • Visit local village
  • Excursions in the forest
  • Nocturnal navigation looking caimans
  • Paddle canoes cruises arround the lagoon
  • Excursions by paddle canoe arround the river

Tree frog


  • The Yarina Eco Lodge is located aprox. 25 Km down the NAPO river, from Puerto Francisco de Orellana (El Coca).
  • Yarina Eco Lodge, is a privately owned rainforest reserve located near the Yasuni National Park. 
  • It is in a cultural reserved zone that is set aside for indigenous Quichuas and amazonian peoples all in a primary upper rainforest.
  • Yasuni National Park is one of the most biological diverse regions in the world. All located in the Amazon basin, border of the Napo River, major tributary of the amazon river.

Cuyabeno patio


  • Fly in about 25 minutes from Quito to Lago Agrio
  • By Bus: Bus Company Transporte Banos or Putumayo approximately 5 hours
  • From Lago Agrio our bus takes you in about 1 hour 45 minutes to the entry station Cuyabeno Bridge.
  • Here is where your real trip starts: An agile dugout canoe takes you on a 1 and 1/2 hour tour on the beautiful winding Cuyabeno River to our  Amazon Rainforest lodge, the Cuyabeno Lodge.   


Itinerary Program for Cuyabeno:

4 days and 3 nights.
Longer options are available; ask your travel professional about other options.

dolphin lodge

Day one: Fly in about 25 minutes from the capital Quito across the Andes to the frontier town of Lago Agrio, the oil boom town where the Amazon lowlands begin and your program for visiting the Amazon in Ecuador starts. From there, our bus takes you in about 1 hour 45 minutes to the entry station Cuyabeno Bridge.
Here is where your real trip starts: An agile dugout canoe takes you on a 1 and 1/2 hour tour on the beautiful winding Cuyabeno River to our  Amazon Rainforest lodge, the Cuyabeno Lodge.  

This is the perfect spot to explore the Amazon, as our Amazon Jungle Lodge Cuyabeno Lodge is one of the few accommodation located on any of the seven lakes of the Cuyabeno river system.
After some rest, you may enjoy a swim in the lake and with some luck, spot a few Amazon Dolphins or maybe even a Manatee.

After dinner, you will head out onto the lake again to search for Caiman. Occasionally, with a bit of luck you may also catch the green eyes of a wandering Ocelot Cat or Jaguar in your beam.

Amazon Dolphin parrots

Day Two: As birds are most active at dawn, you may start out your day with birdwatching before breakfast. Blue and Yellow Macaws fly noisily across the Cuyabeno Lake, while Hoatzins whisper their hoarse sounds as they scope the Macrolobium trees for food. You may also hear the mysterious swelling sound of the Howler Monkeys or see a troop of squirrel monkeys bouncing through the treetops. In fact, 10 species of monkeys have been recorded in the reserve.

Return to the Lodge for breakfast. Then explore the Amazon rainforest in the "terra firma" forest with your naturalist guide where you can learn about the forest's medicinal plants and traditions.

Siona woman

Visit to the Siona village where a Siona woman will explain the herbs and vegetables and their uses both as food and medicinal.

After lunch and a siesta you will look for birds and orchids in the flooded igapo (Brazilian Portuguese for Amazon swamp) with Macrolobium trees covered in abundant epiphytes. At the end of the day you can entjoy a sunset swim in the lake.

In the night we take you on a walk through the woods with a flashlight. During such walks, we may find encounter all kinds of strange creatures.

Day Three: After breakfast travel deeper into the reserve down the Cuyabeno River. In the late afternoon  a sunset swim in the lake. After the swim, we serve dinner, followed by a nightly walk through the woods: grab your flashlight and check-out the rainforest's nocturnal critters such as translucent tree frogs, armadillos, bats, nocturnal insects and frogs.


You can also have fun at our  lodge in the evenings.

Day four: You will have to leave in the morning to get back on time to catch the plane or  bus in Lago Agrio. You will ride the canoe up the Cuyabeno River to the bridge, where your transport will be waiting for you to bring you to the airport or to the bus station to take you on a trip back.

The operator reserves the right to change the itinerary without warning due to weather conditions, National Park regulations or unforeseeable circumstances.


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